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motcast #6

The Power of Visual Storytelling

Ekaterina Walter
Special Guest Ekaterina Walter
How can brands stand out and reach their customers in today's overload of visual information? The answer is 'Visual Storytelling', says author, marketing-expert and former Intel social media strategist Ekaterina Walter. That entails more than just using images, videos, infographics or a presentation on Slideshare. Visual storytelling is about telling an emotional story based on a brands core values and offerings. In the limelight is not marketing a product, but rather leveraging the aspect that truly connects customers with the brands identity.
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motcast #5

Instagram, Pinterest & Co - The power of photos

Sue B. Zimmerman
Special Guest Sue B. Zimmerman
The Future Web is absolutely visual! More and more social Content is published and shared on one of the visual PowerTools: Instragram and Pinterest. In this Episode we discuss the best Options to use these Tools for your Branding or Performance Strategy. SPECIAL GUEST: Sue B. Zimmerman - the Instragram Expert. The Interview by Host Ingo Stoll was recorded live at the Social Media Marketing World 2014 #SMMW14 - Awesome #InstFun :).
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