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motcast #15

How to use Influencers to grow your Business

Lee Odden
Special Guest Lee Odden
It's becoming very competitive out there while more and more Marketers jump onto the Content Marketing Train. The Amount of Content produced outnumbers the potential Consumers by far. Standing out becomes an Issue. Inspiring Influencers to share your Message with their Audience becomes a vital Task for modern Marketing. In this Week's Insights Talk Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing and Author of the Book Optimize, shares some Wisdom and practical Advice on how to identify, connect and leverage effective Influencers in your Branch.
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motcast #9

Think BIG and act LEAN - a new Marketing Approach

Nichole Kelly
Special Guest Nichole Kelly
Marketers tend to think BIG IDEAS which means setting up big Projects with long pre-planning Processes and big Investments. But in many Cases these Approaches don't hit the moving Targets of Markets, Technologies and Customers. So it's Time to re-think Marketing Strategies. Think LEAN! By getting a first Prototypes out quicker, cheaper and ready to ask for feedback Marketing gains Speed and Efficiency. Our SPECIAL GUEST Nichole Kelly, CEO of Social Media Explorer | SME Digital, tells us about how to apply this LEAN Methodology into Marketing.
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